Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Time is a hard thing for kids to grasp. Actually, it's probably hard for anyone to get a true handle on. It's such a funny thing, how it can whiz by in a moment, reducing years into seconds and then for it to stretch out to infinite and feel lengthy and either fulfilling or unbearable. Maybe, its one of those things that is always relative to something and we don't always remember to pair it with a something.

Lately, I've been trying to explain the ideas of change, time, effort all separately and intertwined to Courtney. It's hard to stop on one idea and move into another without making it all muddy. And to a 5 year old, it's all muddy. They live in absolutes. She's been lulling in her reading, lulling in her playing, the effort is touch and go. Where is that flash of curiosity? I don't know...maybe she is tired or schooled out? Maybe, the newness of being a big sister is wearing off? Oh, I don't know. Is it possible to say, "keep trying" too much? Are kids allowed to give up?

On time.

It was relatively easy to introduce the idea of "olden days" or a long time ago (as in dinosaurs), but everything in between might as well not exist. Over here, the olden days are: aka pioneer days, make your own butter, not a lot of fancy clothes.

This morning driving to school, some exerpts from our conversation are:

C: Were there roads in the olden days when you were little?
C: Were there houses? me: exasperated, "Courtney, I showed you the house I grew up in". C: Oh, well were there a lot less houses then?
C: Did you have TV?

That's my the most important question for last.

Oh, and the way that it all links together in my rambled brain is that things change in different times, but without good effort things stay the same and don't change to get better with time. OK - did that even make sense...probably I just said the same thing backwards, and forwards, and just moved the words all around.

It's a sign. I should go to bed early. Tomorrow is my hump day. I know, should be Wednesday, but it's the day that Courtney gets hot lunch at school, so I don't have to make a lunch for her, just a snack. I think my favorite day is Thursday.

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