Friday, April 03, 2009

Antibes - next couple of days

I'd better hurry and finish posting the trip photos. It's April now and March break seems so far past.

With Jeremy's schedule, we kept our touristy type of activities low and only did a few excursions. We spend a few hours in Monaco and watched the changing of the guards. We also did manage to go to a historical village called Vence. It was so beautiful to walk around in an old village protected by walls with alleys, cobblestone paths, irregular sized doors giving entrance to small homes and nooks. We also drove into Nice and had anice lunch and browsed a market selling fruits, vegetables, salts, spices and preserves...oh - almost forgot the flowers and plants. We were lucky and the weather was perfect for strolling along. It was so nice to be along the boardwalk and close to the sea while we were in Nice. Even if the beach there was a bit pebbly..errr stoney. I can just imagine how glorious it must be in the summertime.

And then before you know it...our little holiday is nearly over. At almost exactly one week time frame, everyone has adjusted to the time change, the living space, and being on holiday...of course, then it's time to go back home.

The flight home was uneventful. Having both kids hardly sleep at all there, made me not hold out for them to sleep going back. It's a good way of thinking as it turns out, they both had a decent nap which made the trip that much better.

And a very quick summary of our trip to Antibes. What a terrific little spot.

Here are some of my favorite pictures to round things out.

What could be better than a carousel nearby?

I'll be posting some more pictures, but blogger is really slow right now. So, I'll keep trying.

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