Sunday, April 05, 2009

Cover up.

I'd meant to make a camera strap before we left for holidays, but I just didn't get around to it. Then, I wanted it to be perfect and snazzy. Well, I finally whipped one up, quick and dirty...definetly not snazzy, but it does the job and I think the little pocket will be great to hold my lens cap. I just hate holding it and fear that I will lose it one day. Along the same lines, I made a little adlib cozy for my lens. Since my lens cap doesn't flip out or just hang when I remove it, I often keep my camera lying around without a cap on. Dangerous - I know. So, I made this little cozy which has a little string attached to it so that it can just hang when it's not doing it job. Sweet. Very rudimentary...but I like it - it'll be practical and I won't worry as much about losing my lens cap.

Now, that I'm back at my sewing's time to cut into some of that new fabric.

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