Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A few snaps from Easter weekend

It was the long weekend and the weather was mostly sunny. It was nice to have a bit of family time and to see some extended family too. Jeremy is waking up again in the middle of the night and I'm not sure really why. Perhaps it's his naps or the irregularity of them during the day that is causing this. We were so lucky with sleeping through the night. I'm still working on some curtains for his room, so maybe the dark will help too.

On Good Friday, we went to our neighbourhood Easter hunt. It's a nice event that gets the families and neighbourhood out. The organizers scatter eggs and candies throughout the park and then the kids are released by age to collect and hunt for eggs. In about a half hour, the place is cleaned out. There's also a table of snacks and treats and folks gather to enjoy the weather, watch kids or chit chat with neighbours. Last year, we missed the egg hunt so Courtney was especially excited for it this year. Jeremy came along too, but he was really too tired to really do anything more than observe.

We decorated easter eggs for Sunday morning and in the evening, had an impromptu cooking class for Courtney. I suddenly decided that it was time for her to help. So, she got to dip and batter the turkey parmesan, touched the raw turkey and cut the buffalo mozzarella chesse with a real knife ( ok - the knife was a bit on the dull side). She was thrilled with helping, claimed that it was all her "workings" and ate as very well.

Saturday, we hosted an Easter dinner. I made a roast lamb, stuffed tomatoes, carrots, roasted potatoes and started with a watercrest pear soup. For dessert we had a mocha chocolate cake which was really too much mocha. We had a small easter egg hunt for the kids and it turned out really fun! Courtney played really well with her cousin Thomas.

Easter Sunday started with yet another easter egg hunt. The easter bunny had left a trail of eggs to some easter surprised and hid eggs in the most unusual places. Can you imagine, the bunny even went into her bedroom? (exclamation mark). Then it was opening of some Easter presents and cards. The day passed very quickly and leisurely. We had leftovers, but it was all good.

And, of course, there was lots of chocolate eaten throughout the day.

Ja's in Wichita at the moment, so it's just me and the kids. Back to school today. Not much planned for the day. Maybe some groceries or a walk, it looks nice out...but the wind is still cold. Hope y'all had a great long weekend.

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