Monday, April 06, 2009

Poor Jeremy

I really need to re-start scrapbooking again. I did a brief stint a few months ago to start / catch up on Jeremy's baby album. I got to 6 months and now, it's time to print out some more photos. It's weird, with two kids, I would have thought that I'd take more pictures, but it's the contrary. Sure, I have my moments, like the other day where I took over 100 during bathtime over the span of 15 minutes ( not very many turned out, and I was playing with my camera settings), but overall I have to remember to take pictures of the kids, never mind the everyday stuff. That's out the window now.

So, here are two pictures that I will tuck into a category, "poor jeremy", for all the moments that he'll be the subject of Courtney's "fun". It's really cute in a way. Now that he is becoming more animate, I'll have to pay closer attention to what the two kids are up to.

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