Wednesday, May 20, 2009

10 months old and 1 day

OK. The days are passing way too quickly. The last couple of days, I've been feeling a bit blah. I'm not sure what it is....probably not enough sleep. Jeremy is still not sleeping through the night all the time and I think it's going to take years until my body gets reprogrammed to not wake at the slightest sound in the night.

So, I was mentally reminding myself to not forget to take 10 month old pictures, on the exact date and after a mini photo shoot this morning, which is really just me taking a lot of pictures at once, I realize that it's the 20th of the month. I am a day late.

Without further delay, here is Jeremy at 10 months and 1 day.

I can do lots of things like clap when asked. Feed myself small bits of food, or large bits of havarti cheese. I like to slap the table and make loud noises. I can crawl like there is no tomorrow and I can even pull myself up to stand. Sometimes I even cruise just a little bit and I like to pretend to walk. My favorite fun person is my big sister, Courtney, followed by the cat and then daddy and then mommy. I'd rather not drink my bottle of milk as I think that means that I have to go to sleep. I like to yell but otherwise, I'm still a pretty quiet guy. Oh, and my hair is starting to grow...really...really. I also like to listen to music and dance to it too my swaying my head back and forth. My least favourite thing is having a poop in my diaper. Sometimes, I'll just yell and not sleep so that someone will hopefully come to change me. I wonder what I'll be able to do by next month.

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