Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

Yesterday was my birthday and today is holiday Victoria Day monday, so it's a long weekend. Yeah!

I got to be the "birthday girl" all day which also meant that Courtney took to calling me "the birthday girl" all day too. One of the perks though was being able to cuddle with her all day whenever I wanted to. So, I really took advantage of that.

The day started backwards with birthday cake and opening of presents. This year's theme from Ja seems to be exercise stuff. I got some new exercise workout clothes as well as a heart beat monitor. Handmade cards were heartwarmning too. Ja made a delicious cake and Courtney helped select the decorations, design and icing of it. It was all a yummy start to the morning. I had decided the night before that I didn't want to go out to a restaurant for lunch having just had a date night with Ja. ( We went to see the new Star Trek movie - VERY good, and we are not even trekkies, as well as tried out the Italian restaurant called Trattoria Timone which was delicious). So, instead, we packed up the kids and went to ..... African Safari. This is an attraction which we never went to as kids, but turns out it was fabulous! Spring is a great time to go because of all the baby animals, but honestly, I bet it's cool to go anytime. There are so many things that I loved about this place. The diversity and number of the animals. The roaming space and habit for them, the fact that they breed and have babies is amazing. The given day, we saw, and I can't remember them all, baby lions, baby monkeys, baby bison, baby fancy horned cow, baby deer and more. We got to get so close to them and watch them move. I much prefer this environment to a zoo's. So, if you are ever in Southern Ontario, make the trip. Pack a picnic as the food's not that great and plan to spend a whole day as we just missed seeing elephant bathe in a river, and they have play parks, a water park, river boat cruise and other attractions too. Well worth the money to me....especially if you want to see animals.

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Christy said...

Happy Birthday- glad you had a great one. :)