Friday, May 08, 2009

It's almost the weekend

Today has been a good day. The day even started off with smiles and mommy not having to use her "stern voice". Now, the lad is having his second nap like a good little boy.

I'm also pretty happy to have the summer booked up. It'll be summer break in just over a month. I can tell that the weeks will fly by. With Courtney's busy schedule, I'm wondering if maybe I should find some kind of activity for Jem.

Starting tomorrow, it's soccer in the mornings. Soccer runs every Saturday until the middle of August. For the first couple of weeks, it'll be a bit crazy as we double booked her French classes at the same time period. She's really not that keen to be doing soccer and has even said, she'd rather go to French than soccer. I think she just really likes "recess" there. There's also only 3 in the class and she's the youngest, so I think she likes that too. Otherwise, the summer will be busy with clay camp, tennis camp, dance camp and swimming. Add on a 2 week trip to Calgary, a week in Ottawa and a few visits to Orono and there isn't that much time left over to just breath. I really would like to get over to this Santa Clause village and African Safari too.'s making me tired just thinking about it. This will be by far our busiest summer ever. Have you made plans for summer yet? Cause...'ya know - it's sneaking up.

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