Friday, May 22, 2009

More clothes

Sometimes, I buy fabric because it is just a good price and manufactured by a good company so I know the quality is there. Imagine my surprise when I discover that the fabric turns out to be amazing...just not for the projects that I had in mind.

This is what Moda's Flutterby fabric has turned out to be. It's surprisingly versatile, fun and unisex. It also pairs up well with fabrics that I have trouble finding a contrast too. I don't know, maybe that is because I'm picking the wrong kind of fabrics.

Next week, my brother is getting married. Courtney is the flower girl and I had bought her a beautiful dress at J.Crew a while back. Note to myself, I still have to get her some white shoes. I had been shopping for Jeremy since March and hadn't found anything really, then when I decided I wanted the white / linen look, the selection was picked over. So, in the end, I found this nice sandy linen and made him some simple pants. And, he'll wear this cute white button down shirt that I picked up at Pottery Barn Kids at a great sale price and I still have to work on a tie for him. He's going to look so cute. I just hope he behaves.

Last night, I used my automatic button hole maker for the first time and WOW, I can't believe that I was scared of it. Sure, after the button holes are made, it's harder to line up the buttons or the holes for that matter, but I'm happy with the way my first little button shirt turned out. Looks like it might be a bit big on Jem, but I'll try it on him later on. I can't wait to make some more shirts now. Bit by bit, I'm cutting out my patters and trying them out with the hopes of finding my favorites to repeat over and over again.

It's Friday again. Yeah! Tomorrow is a busy day with driving out to Streetsville for French class for Courtney and then soccer immediately afterwards. I hope to be able to go bike shopping too as she is in dire need of a new bike. Despite it all...she is growing up.

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