Monday, May 18, 2009

Soccer girl

On Saturday, Courtney had her first soccer game and honestly, it was pretty stressful for me. This is the first time that she has played a game. She really didn't even want to play at all. We got there early and waited for the other kids and parents to come. I didn't realize that the coaches would provide very little coaching and so Courtney was pretty much clueless and I, determined to not be a sideline mom coach, had to clutch my arms tight and glue myself to my little foldup seat the entire time. It felt like a tug of war with myself...and it was killing me watching her watch the rest of her team play soccer as she stood on the field as a casual observer. I know it's her first game, but what a way to drive me crazy.

Good thing she had fun and is looking forward to her next "game". She did get a few kicks on the ball maybe there is hope for her still.

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