Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We're off to Calgary tomorrow - yeehaw!

So we are off tomorrow and amazingly enough, I have packed up...almost. Usually, I say ( and tell everyone) that I've started packing but the truth is that I procrastinate to the point that I am usually packing up till the last minute. This trip, I am going solo with the kids and I didn't buy a seat for Jeremy and we have an early start, so I decided to really do what I always say and pack up early.

Yesterday, we took it easy as I had a bit of a fall the morning of Father's Day. Really hurt my knees but they are much better today. I was even able to venture to the mall to get CJ to try on something and to buy some slip ons for Ja who likes to putter around in the garage with socked feet (and he wonders why his socks are dirty).

But, here are some pictures of Jeremy at 11 months. Wow, he's really almost 1. I didn't get around to the invitations yet, but there will be a small party at our house on July 19th, his actualy birthdate, so plan to be here, if you can. The party will likely run from 3-7pm, but feel free to come earlier and hang out. I'm really hoping that he'll be awake around that time, but you never know. Lately, he's been sleeping A LOT. For instance, yesterday he woke up at 6:30 am, then napped from 9 to 2pm. Yes! 5 hrs. Then he went to bed already overtired at 5:30 pm and then woke at 4:30 am for some milk, then went back to sleep until 10 AM this morning and I put him down overtired at 1pm and he was so pooped, he refused to even have his bottle. Poor guy! I hope it's not too rough for him adjusting to Calgary and all the excitement there.

Oh, and one more very exciting news to share....yesterday, Courtney found her first wobbly tooth. Lower jaw, front right tooth. She is crazy with excitment from it. Although, not much wiggling or running around today.

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