Friday, July 24, 2009

The birthday boy

In the end, it was a fairly simple 1st birthday celebrations. There was no real theme or grand gifts from Ja or I. I did make a birthday cake which claimed to be the best birthday cake ever and was a bit dissappointed as it's not so much the best kid friendly cake, and with the sour cream frosting and my choice of bittersweet icing wasn't quite what I had in mind. Topped with some homemade ice cream it was made it much better. We were surrounded by near by family and some cousins which was both busy, fun, nice and chaotic at different times. I think the kids liked it though, just knowing that everyone loved them is a nice feeling.

I have thank you cards started downstairs and as soon as I have a little photo shoot with the 1 year old, they will be posted out.

For now, here are some shots of the day...mostly opening presents or enjoying them.

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