Thursday, July 23, 2009

Calgary trip - Part 2

Ok, is this not the goofiest smile on Jeremy. I didn't even know he could be this happy. We are spending the morning at the Calgary Zoo, meeting up with old friends and seeing animals. This is Jeremy's first out and about, so I'm taking the time to show him everything. He's never seen animals before other than ones that are pets in homes...and really, who's kiddng, that means cats and dogs. Nope, not even a pet store visit for the second born. IT's a somewhat short visit, but we see elephants, monkeys, a bear, sting ray, peacock, and a play at the park.

Lots of cute shots of Marie Chantal and Heather's kids too. But I don't think they do the posting online for the whole world to see. So, you'll just have to imagine cute kids. But, hey MC, if you are reading this and need a picture of Loup Loup - let me know I've got one.

Canada Day was spent at Calaway Park. I little kiddie amusement Wonderland rides type of place. The kids eat junk. AKA cotton candy and ride rides all day long. Jeremy hangs out and watches the world go by.

A fun time at the Calgary Science Centre. This is one of the best places to take kids in Calgary. Especially as it's all indoors. It's got lots of exhibits and thngs to do, touch and experiment with.

We get to see our friends Stella, Fred and Emma at a BBQ and ran into other friends, People we used to hang out with a lot before marriage, kids and moving. Everybody looks the same and different.

And before you know it's time to go. Daddy comes in town for a conference and we all jettison home a couple of days later. Jeremy comes is not well leaving and mommy suddenly remembers that Jemmy is not all that well going either. A forehead thermometer is bought and returned after the concern as past. Of course, I probably should have paid more attention to it as Jeremy gets somekind of virus thing when we get back. Not fun. Still...that's another store.

Good bye Calgary. See you again soon.

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