Thursday, July 23, 2009

New water filter

Don't you just love it? Well I do. OK, it's a bit slow on the filtering process, but that's probably a good thing right. No point it letting everything pass through. I got all kinds of new ideas after spending some time with friends and hanging out in Calgary in general. You'll be sure to see them and hear about them. But for today, one more:

Check out my new water filter. You can order one online yourself at or just get more info on it's multi-step filtering process. Courtney loved using it when we were in Calgary and is super excited now that we have one. Best thing is that it just encourages you to drink more water and I'm hoping it will get rid that awful chlorine thing that our water here occasionally has.

Oh and another thing. I've been reading lables on the amount of sodium, mostly because Jeremy can't have any really. So, I keep my ears out for tid bits of info, but did you know? It's recommended that we consume about 1500 mg of sodium. The normal person actually consumer 2x that amount. 1500 mg is about 3 1/2 tsp of salt which when you think about it is pretty gross. But, salt is everywhere. I remember when I was last pregnant, I could not handle salt where it wasn't supposed to be there. I could taste it in juice, in ice cream, in cookies and cakes, Yuck! Last night, I had some pretzles, just the Rolo Gold kind - and imagine my disgust when I saw that a portion size, so that's 30 mini ones has over 1000mg of sodium. OMG. I'm not eating those ever again. I think I'll crush up a few everytime I need to salt some meatballs or something. Wow, low in fat is one thing hight in sodium may not be worth it. So, start checking labels. Food companies are supposed to start reducing their sodium levels per new Canadian requirements, and some have already made the change, so be on the look out for those foods. Good luck and reduce your salt!

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