Thursday, July 23, 2009

Some pictures from Calgary trip - part 1

Here are some of my favorite pictures of our trip to Calgary way back in June. We were away for 2 weeks and it was just enough time to make it feel like I wasn't rushing around doing things. Of course, towards the end of the trip everybody started to feel a bit homesick and was ready to go home. It's not the same when it's just me and kids. It was great to see good friends though and to marvel at their growing kids and reconnect. Sometimes you just have to be there. Thanks everyone for putting up with us.

Arriving in Calgary. Courtney was such a great helper. Jeremy did not nap - hardly at all. Picking up the car rental from Avis was horribly slow. Not sure if I would rent there again.

There's a highchair here so Jeremy tries it out. Seems to really like feeding himself. I bit messy though. Avocado is probably right up there on favorite foods.

A visit to the old house. Old hauting grounds. Courtney doesn't remember much. The raspberries are not in season yet for picking. Too bad.

Even a birthday party to go to. Boy, it's too much fun here. The girls are all at the right age to get along, have fun, eat candy without really checking first.

I even do some shopping. Going to Calgary means saving the PST. So, I pick up Jeremy next size car seat. It should do him until he's a big big fellow. It's the only car seat that folds up and can be strapped onto your back. Mind you, it does weigh a ton. Are they cute, travelling in style in the cute little Kia car that we've rented.

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