Sunday, August 09, 2009

New family room

So, this is what our family room looks like now. I am doing my best to keep it as tidy as when I got back from our visit to Calgary. Ja was busy during those 2 weeks that we were away and put in the build ins, painted, stained, sanded and finished up the room. It is so comfortable and updated. There is also loads of storage space too. I still have to figure out how to use it all.

He's currently working on the mud room. Redoing it and adding another built in. The old closet was ripped out, the floor has been laid and the walls painted. To be somewhat helpful, I picked up the paint roller too. It was fun to be both painting together again...though it was such a small room that really it was a bit unnessary.

I'll post a pic. when it's all done. Should be in a few more days. I'm excited to be able to put all our comings and going back in there and to sort out the garage.

It's Sunday, and I'm a bit tired. My lower back is still hurting a lot. I finally figured out that it has someone to do with my posture, the fact that both kids are getting heavier and lifting them is hard on the body. Courtney is 38lbs, so she is almost legally (by weight) allowed to be in the booster chair. And, it's the way that I bend to pick things up. I have to remember to bend at the knees. But now, it's been nearly a year of bad posture and incorrect bending so my back is hurt. No wonder I can't get the right twist to crack it.

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