Monday, August 03, 2009

Signing with Jeremy

I have signed with both my kids, but Jeremy is the most fluent. It could be that Courtney was so literate so quickly. At almost 6 years old, she's reading at a grade 2 plus level. What I remember of her early language years was what a babbler she was and how quickly she picked up sounds and words. It seems like she was talking before we knew it. And, she was always interested in books, looking at them, holding them, ripping them, eating them, but mostly being read to. Jeremy, on the other hand is not quite the same.

He's not so much interested in books except to chew on them. He likes to thumb through them in imitation of his sister and if there are any books that he will tolerate it's the kind that has lift up tabs or touchy things. Lately, he has developed a fascination for cats and maybe dogs, so books with those pictures makes him laugh and smile too. At night time when he it is almost time to put him in his crib, he on occasion will accept a book and sit down to look at it and listen to you read, but that is really not a regular thing. So, the signing as a means to communicate is a good thing. As he is slowly developing his own personality, there is a bit more force in his actions, his hand gestures in frustration and what can only be either complaint or extreem disatisfaction. I fear that we may also be entering a screaming (in a piercing kind of way period) phase. He is learning about things taken away from him and he doesn't like it. Really who does? But, at such a tender age, he just doesn't get it, nor does he have the emotional understanding or control or apparantly, say...grownups are supposed to have.

It's fun times. Signing and watching him grow. Gave him something peanut today and so far so good. We'll see in a couple of days when it goes through his system. Only a few more things that he hasn't tried yet. Shellfish, citrus fruit, I'm holding off on dairy again, in case his reaction earlier was a result of it.

Courtney and I were coming up with a list of words that he recognizes and that we have signs for. Of course, he does understand more than he can reciprocate. Speech is late for boys and for the second born, so hopefully, we can get a few more signs learnt and avoid the whole flapping of arms, pounding of tables, general yelling and screaming. I suppose that might work for some people, but a little civility never hurt. It's rewarding for me to have him "talk" so early. Of course, this means that I get to watch him that much more, afterall signs are silent and you have to see them to hear them.

The list of signed words.

Eat / Food, Drinkm Bottle, milk, water, blueberries, strawberries, car, Courtney, daddy, mama, cat, dog, more, all done, silly, no, cute, grandmother, grandfather, bed/sleep, home, change diaper, book, hat, poopy diaper, clapping hands, dancing, mucic, shopping, turn around, sit down, stop, swim, bath, come, up, strauberry, banana, cereal, getting clothes on.

I'm been trying to learn a few more online on some free web sites as we are finding it hard to make them up. After the first few, it does all seem like a bit of arm waving.

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Christy said...

It is good to hear that he is signing! Look up the sign for "help", big deal for Aaron at Jeremy's age. The signing will explode into speech soon. Get some photos if you can!

Missing you bunches. :)