Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Back to school

Yesterday was the first day of school. It's nice to be back to a routine. We all attended a long morning aseembly to watch Courtney receive her tie at the Tie Ceremony. It's not quite a ceremony per se...more like a presentation. There are crowds of kids waiting for their ties to get tied for them by helpful grade 8s (some of whom must still get their ties done up by somebody else!), then there are kids waiting to get their picture taken, then there are parents bunching up to take ceremony...I'm not sure. Still, it was an exciting time for her. To be in Grade 1, and to be wearing a tie and school blazer.

I almost didn't make it, as Monday, my back gave out. I'm not sure what stressed it, but I was on bed rest hoping that I would be allowed to go to the first day of school. The pain and inability to move, stand, walk was such a shock that I have finally gone to see a chiropractor. Through a friend's recommendation, I took the leap and went for a "non-cracking type" of chiropracty ( is that a word?). He's the only fellow certified by NUCCA in Oakville. Today was my first treatment, having had an assessment yesterday. It was all very interesting. I will share some more details with you once I have formed more of an opinion on the subject. But, so far so good.

There was a bunch of stuff that I made for school and it turned out cute. I'll try to remember to post up some pics.

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Christy said...

I hope today finds you in less pain. I have a friend who does acupuncture with lasers if you want to try someone else, she is also a chiro. Please congratulate your beautiful daughter on her tie and blazer, she's going to love grade 1!