Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Birthday skirts

So I whipped up 3 lazy days skirts as part of my gift to Courtney. Albeit, they are not her favorite colours, but I love them and hope that she will wear them. It's been 2 plus weeks since they've been made and she's only worn the Alexander Henry Tillbrook Fairies print skirt for a few hours. Is this the end of sewing for Courtney? Really, with her being in school and in a uniform, there is very little time to wear "other" clothes, so I suppose I can understand why she would want to dip into her new bought fall wardrobe and pull on her snug leggings and skinny pants. Yes! Even for my tiny girl, one can buy skinny pants. She loves them of course.

Oh, did I say that I actually made 3 birthday cakes this year. Next year, we are downsizing. Courtney has decided that she is only going to invite 5 friends. It cuts down on the number of thank you cards that she has to write. We've just started them and she is not all too thrilled with the task. After telling me about all the printing that she does in Language class, I think she expects a break at home. Tough Cookie....those cards aren't going to get written by themselves!

Gotta go...Jeremy is calling "mama". Yes. He vocalizes mama and dada now. How very cute.

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