Monday, September 21, 2009

First steps

Jeremy took his first steps this weekend.

Saturday morning was Courtney's first ballet class and as she was learning to stand still like a little ballerina angel in white, Jeremy took his first steps. I remember when it was Courtney, it just happened and I almost missed it and then that was it. No more steps. Not so with Jeremy. Ja was even able to grap a video of it for me. It's been a few weeks now that Jeremy has been using his little toy walker to get around the house upright. He's quite rough and confident with it. He can turn, stop, walk quickly, bump things. So, we knew that it would be soon that he would walk. And, it was no big surprise that he took MANY steps as once. In fact, after by Sunday, he could cross our little foyer. Sometimes falling down on his bum, sometimes not. He seems to like to do it with his arms in the air. Not sure if that helps with balance. He also knows it's a big deal and we all clap and cheer him on. It's another milestone. Wow, they sure do come and pass quickly. Courtney will have to watch out now...her little brother will be running in no time.

Interestingly, this weekend, the little lad has also started to vocalize mama and dada with intent. His naps have been off schedule and he is waking earlier, and babbling longer to settle himself at night. He's also stopped signing. I'm hoping it's just his brain and limbs having a lot of communication, because it's sure a lot harder to tell what he wants when he's making moaning and hmmmfing type sounds.

And, as it Saturday couldn't be more excitng or's was also Courtney's birthday party with her friends from school. That's right...her and 18 of her most intimate grade 1 friends. It was all good in the end....and of course, not enough pictures taken of the whole party...the cute jello bowls that I'll have to just imagine them - so cute. She asked for a fishy, under the water theme...and mama and dada delivered.

Here's her cake. I've decided to go back to using Martha Stewart recipes for cakes as they are so much more superior than most others that I have tried. If only it didn't use so many ingredients...of course that is probably why it's so tasty. To decorate, Jeremy and I went to McCalls baking shop as a last minute whim on the Friday and was lucky to escape rush hour traffic and pick up Courtney from school with no problems. After spending a small fortune there with the idea of making chocolate fishies, I did end up with a bottle of spray colouring...have you tried it before? Amazing...I'm using that one again especially for hard to tint colours. It's gives you that light colour, pastel colour that you sometimes want without the opaqueness and heaviness that sometimes happen when you try to mix a non-primary colour.

Anyways, I've been slack with blogging. I'll try to put up some more pictures from the weekend in the next couple of days.

Here's our little ballerina is given the thumbs up!

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