Wednesday, September 02, 2009

One of those days

Today was one of those days where, really I should have stayed at home. It was also a day where I wished that the kids were older so that we could all enjoy a day out. With nothing planned and nothing especially pressing to get or do, we sauntered out midday. Ja's in Tulsa and I stayed up late last night ( as I always do watching bad TV), and as a result, am tired today. So, as something nice to do, I pack up the snacks for the kids, grabbed the camera and head out to Coronation Park. It's a nice day for a change. Sunscreen sales must be down this summer, I know I didn't really put on as much as I did the summer before. We head out and the park is not busy and the kids play. Jeremy is already tired when we get there and doesn't really like the park yet. He's so so, well borderline dislike on the swings. He does just fine as long as you don't push him. And, today he's in a bit of a daze, watches the world go by. Courtney, who just a year ago couldn't wait to go on the bigger play gym, won't leave the babies and little kids and ends up playing with a 4 year old and 3 year old. I think she likes to be in charge of everything. Jeremy just sits and watches. He played in the sand once and really llked it. Liked it so much more than grass. He would crawl in the sand, touch it, ignore it and pretend it was like any other kind of crawling surface. But this time, he just sat still. Some sand got on his hand and he moved his fingers around in distaste.

After a while, it was time to go. Already past 11, past Jeremy's nap time. Past him being up for 3 hours. He was starting to get fussy...but we had to stop and get groceries. As I was in the park, I got it in my head to make some kid friendly food, so we stopped. Record time in grocery store. Nothing extra off the list. Then we headed back home and since Jeremy hasn't been eating as much lately, tried to get him to have a bit more food before putting him down. When he finally went for nap it was well after 1. Overtired for him. Took a long time to settle and then he woke up after 5.

I was exhausted too, so I napped too and when I finally got up, had to madly get the rest of the dinner ready. I tried a new recipe from a baby/toddler/kid cookbook. It was called finger linkin chicken potato balls. It did not turn out. Maybe it was me, but I'm blaming the recipe. So, just so y'all know that disasters do still happen in the kitchen. Here's picture proof that it happens in my kitchen. I was not happy at all. Courtney would have nothing to do with them. Jeremy eats almost everything so, the novelty of eating of the fork was the saving grace and he managed to still eat some "mush". Really, it was like the consistently of mashed potatoes. With the smell of burnt food in the kitchen, noisy fans going, hungry children crying and madly signing for food. Dinner was a blur. By 6, Jeremy already started to cue that he was ready for night night. A blessing that the day was almost over. It was almost time to restart fresh again. As, I'm writing the kitchen still needs tidying up. It'll be nice when I get all evidence of failure cleaned up.

In case you are wondering, yes, that is a mix of balls that are burnt, balls that still need to be crisped, and ones that look soso but don't keep their shape. Hey, if you pretend that they are a mix of cookies, they look more appetizing. Ugh. What a dissapointment.

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