Monday, September 07, 2009

Sickie kids

So the kids have caught something. They both were sick yesterday and still a bit off today. Both had fevers and were fussy and tired. Today is better, still it will be a stay in pyjamas / TV day.

Yesterday, I picked up a Mighty Machine video at the video store for Jeremy. He has really taken to vehicles. Trucks, construction, cars, things with wheels. He has even invented his own sign for truck. It's kind of like making the truck sound and moving his arm back and forth like he was moving a play car back and forth. These days he is really happy communicating and identifying things, I think to show us that he understands we understand him?

Here they are this morning watching Mighty Machine. Jeremy is not at all interested in TV ( so far) and will only sit for a minute or two. With Mighty Machines..he sat for over 30 minutes. A record.

Hope everyone is well where you are.

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Michelle said...

Mighty Machines was Sean's favourite show for two years. I think we own them all. I learned lots from it too. Cody and I loved to watch it with him, so it was something we could share. I admit that sometimes I would turn it on in the morning and have a shower and a little "mommy time" until the end of the show. Sean drove his toy trucks very purposefully after he had seen the show.