Saturday, October 17, 2009

Eating differently

Well, it's been 3 weeks of eating differently. So far so good. A few cheats here and there, but nothing that I am too worried about. After a visit with a naturapath, I am trying to change my diet. Apparantly, cancer runs on my side of the family and so, I am probably more at risk than the guy who doesn't have it in their genes. So, it's more vegetables and fruit and I think it has to do with fibre and cutting out the sugar. So, mom...if you are reading this, you are right. I am doing it now.

What I find the hardest is how to eat all the vegetables in an interesting way. To eat 5 cups a day is hard. And, it gets boring if all you do is...cook the vegetables and pile it on your plate. Never mind that the kids look at it with much distaste. I've also realized that it takes some effort and planning to make it appetizing. The prep of a salad does not involve much, but it does involve prep. So, I have discovered that for me, it helps if you have a lot of it done in advance. I can pretend that I am going to one of those Just add Heat of Supperwork places and just grab and pluck out what I want to cook with and then cook. Too bad the cleanup still exists. Still, when you know it's all washed and cut up and ready to go, it makes it so friendly and eye appealing. Don't you think?

Here's udon noodles with baby boy choy and threey types of mushrooms. Yum!

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jameaoh said...

I am really impress, I have to follow in your footsteps, again !

much love,