Thursday, November 12, 2009

And yes, we still have a cat

It's funny. I can remember when we first got our first pet. It was our baby. It felt like we had a child. But now that we have children, Beautie is back to being just a pet and not a baby. Most days, I'm sad to report that she is a third class citizen here. She is not the first to get food, water, cuddles or attention. But, she is a good cat and patient with us and the kids. She also has her oddities curiosities. And, one can never say that she is not good at adapting to change. She's been known to go for a bit of broken cracker or piece of shrimp that has fallen somewhere. She is not entirely invisible either as she adept at placing heself exactly where she might get stepped on, tripped over or petted> ie. she sits right on your hands. She still has a licking fetish, although her latest infactuation is this bookcase that sits in the kitchen. And did I say patient. She hardly ever so rude as to yell out for her food.

I guess we are prety lucky to have her.

Oh, and on the bookcase, she's determined to lick every inch off. She now hops up to the third row of books, balances and licks to her heart content.

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I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

what an adorable kitty.