Thursday, November 12, 2009

A little bit of sewing

Who knew that an entire dress can be made in an afternoon. I've been taking a break from sewing and now it's mid-November and I have to get a mosy on things. My holiday shopping has already started and is almost done. Shhhh. Lots of wrapping and card making still to do.

It's a school break here for us. Courtney is off tomorrow and Monday and it's supposed to be a nice day. Jeremy is out cold after spending the morning with Nana, that's what we call Ja's mom and Grandpa Julian. It's a lot of fun to go there...especially now that he's spotted Simba the cat.

My diet of not eating an wheat or corn this week hasn't been going well. Oh well. I've been feeling tired so I'm not going to get banged up about it.

Turns out this gracie dress pattern by Portobello Pixie is very twirly. Courtney just loves it. It'll make for a great summer time running around dress. I already have ideas on how to make it a bit more dressier with different fabrics. Guess I'll start off my making a few more though. I'm trying to convice myself to stop bying gorgeous fabrics until I use some up. It's hard. It's such pretty stuff that I can't bear to cut into it. Still, I'm running out of room - so I'll have to start to cut soon. I know - perhaps not the most exciting thing to read about. So, here are some pics.

Oh, and in case you are wondering...Jemmy is not wearing a necklace. It's a walkie talkie necklace. He's all about being just like his big sis now. The little copycat is just getting warmed up.

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