Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Already getting a start on summer

I have a good friend who lent me a ton of boy clothes which has kitted Jeremy up till about now. Other than a few splurgy items, clothes from family and friends, he's been mostly a hand me down kind of guy. Now, as he'll be 18 months, I am having to plan for his wardrobe. It seems that, like his sister, he seems to already have a penchant for shoes. And, I don't know if it's simply because he sees his sister getting new clothes, shoes, jackets...he is quite receptive to trying things on. He is a regular at shaking and nodding his head these days too, so it's quite cute to see him "agree" to try things on. I suppose, it might be too early still to get rid of all the dress up. I might have to try and get some masculine type stuff though.

So, I've started to shop for the kids spring / summer clothes. I know it might seem a tad early, but then it's done. Over the last few years, Courtney has been able to get away with wearing the same clothes year over year. Now the elastic is stretched and honestly some things are just not for a 6 year old.

Check out these amazingly bright and sparkly shoes that I picked up online at www.zappos.ca Delivery was very quick, and other than the duty/handling charges that were priced in the bill, nothing else due when the postman brought them. This is the first time that something came and I realized to my surprise ( and Courtney's breathlessness) that it was MUCH MUCH sparklier in real like than online. Needless to say, Courtney CAN NOT WAIT to wear them full time.

I have a pile of summery pink fabric waiting to be transformed into things for Courtney, but at least I've gotten some shirts done for the boy. I've used the Kai Shirt pattern from Weekend Sewing book. They were fairly easy to put together, especially if you do it assembly style. Now that I've done these, I'm ganbusters to do long sleeved shirts for the fall. I'm really happy with how they turned out, and all the fabrics had different weights so they all have a different feel to them.

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