Monday, March 01, 2010

Keeping the kitchen tidy

The kitchen is one of those rooms that we spend a lot of time in. I'm in there. The kids like to be in there too. Over time, stuff accumulates. It lands on the counters, on the kitchen island, on the kitchen table. Seems like hardly ever where it should go. I don't have a single extra drawer to use as a catch up so I'm also looking for a way to tidy things up.

Here are some chair catch-alls that have been working really great. Instead of putting things in little piles, I now deposit them in a pocket. We each have one. Courtney always has a workbook, doodle pad, couple of chapter books and small toys that lingering around. They don't seem to ever have a permanent home. Now they do. I use Ja's to catch his mail, magazines. Mine is empty...because I always put my stuff away. No...I'm kidding, it's my things to do stuff, magazine cubby. Jeremy will get one soon, probably a modified one for his Stokke char. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, takes about a yard of fabric and very little time to sew.

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