Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter

It's Easter Sunday and this is how we spent the day.

Woken up by Courtney who could not believe there were chocolate eggs in the house. She starts to collect upstairs, but is done so quickly that she is jumping to get downstairs. Jeremy is still sleeping but we head downstairs and she starts egg hunting, leaving two rooms so that Jeremy can have some of the fun. Not too long, Jemmy wakes up and he just doesn't understand it. Until that is he pops in a cocoa egg and big smile. He gets it.

After breakfast, we get bundled in the car and within a few minutes, we are walking in the Rattray Marsh. It's a beautiful day, quiet, and lots of birds singing and flying about. The distinct sounds of woodpeckers and swans delight to kids.

Jeremy finally has a good long nap, must be all the chocolate he was sneaking in during the day...or the fresh air. The big kids do some painting and sewing and before you know it, it's dinnertime and the day and long weekend is nearly over.

Hope you had a nice family weekend too.

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