Sunday, June 13, 2010

Last day at ballet class

Courtney had her last day at ballet on Saturday. It was parents day, so we got to come in and watch them do their practice. Jeremy was dying to run on and do some dancing too, but he had to make do with moving stools around. It wasn't a full class as a few girls were absent. Her teacher is encouraging her to do as much ballet as possible but, sadly, it is not our little peanut's favorite activity. I can see that she really comes alive when there is more movement, but when it's a lot of strengthening and stretching, I can just see she is a few yawns away from boredom. Still, I think she carries herself with much grace and poise.

And in case, you think she is a ballerina by heart, here she is lazing around in her triple flip clothes and reading Monster by Choice. She's doing a week of gymnastics camp this week, and re-starting again in September. I have a feeling it'll be right up her alley.

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Christy said...

Maybe she'd like jazz or tap better? Also, some dance schools take boys for free where you live! Down the road?