Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stampede Breakfast and Canmore

So we waited in line and waited some more. Finally got pink pancakes, much to Courtney's delight. Sausage, blueberry, syrup and a sugary pink cookie to finish. Not too shabby for free. The time passes quickly when you are waiting in line. Of course, you can always squeeze in a bit of line dancing...and pony riding.

All is going good in Calgary so far. The days are long, and the kids a bit more tired each day...but lots of fun and good times with friends. At the moment, we are in Canmore on a mini vacation ( within a vacation!), and the weather has been hot and the views are just breathtaking.

Imagine, having gone for a hike and breakfast all before 10:30 am. Courtney complained much of the hike, I puffed along and Jeremy was content in a back carrier on Ja. We went up to Grassi Lakes and the weather was just perfect for it. With some light climbing, gentle, soft hiking trails, and the occasion hop skip over waterfall run-off trickle, it was a good first family experience.

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