Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In Cape Cod

A brief summary of our trip so far. I'm still a bit sick and tired now because the kids are excited and a bit over tired still from the drive down and so they've been waking up closer to 6am than their normal 7. Fortunately, most things are open by 9am and when the weather is good ( or not) the beach is only steps away for us.

Day 1. Fri. We leave Oakville, early and cruise through to the states crossing the border in no time at all. Courtney sees a sunrise for the first time and is so amazed by it. The drive is long and movies on the car dvd screen help to keep them occupied but since they were up early ( we woke them), they are antsy and restless. We arrive in Albany and check into the Hilton Homewood Suites hotel. Jeremy has a short nap and then we jump in the pool and have a quick swim. A long wait at the Olive Garden for dinner. The salad is still as I remember from younger days, but other than the abundance of food, it's not really for us anymore.

Day 2. Sat. We leave early and set off for the Cape. Lucky to be going in the right direction as we drive by stand still traffic on the I90 outside of Boston and into Cape Cod. We arrive around noon and need to kill a bit of time before our rental is ready, so we have lunch at place called Joes, not your average. or something like that. And, it wasn't too bad, not really good, but at least you could see all the ingredients, and things looked they were made from scratch. We browse around Barnes and Noble and leave Hyannis to get lost getting to our vacation home in South Yarmouth. We finally arrive and get the tour of the place, seems like it's a lot of work and cost to upkeep a holiday home. I hope that we leave the place as we found it. It's a beautiful day and we are excited to spend a coastal week.

Day 3. Sun. A bit overcast and grey. Windy enough to dig out a kite and fly it. By the afternoon it is blistering. We still explore the beach. It starts to rain. Margaret arrives via Boston on the bus.

Day 4. Mon. Windy Rain. We are tourists today and head into Hyannis to explore the JKF Museum and to visit the Cape Cod Potato Chip factory. Free tour and free samples for everyone. Afternoon is not good weather, but we still head out and get wet on the beach...from the sideways rain. It's not cold at least.

Day 5. Tue. Windy Rain. But, we head out and drive to Sandwich in Upper Cape. It's a beautiful little area and more what I was expecting of Cape Cod sans beach. We visit the Sandwich Glass Museam and then find a little farm stand and pick up purple beans, carrots, honey, husk cherries, blueberries and cherry tomatoes. Finally some vegetables. Determined the afternoon, Ja and Courtney still go for a dip in the sea. A little body boarding, I think for bragging rights.

Day 6. Wed. Torrential in the AM. We are drenched within seconds of trying to get into the car. We drive to Provincetown, the tip of Cape Cod in Outer Cape. After an hour of driving in off and on showers, we arrive and park in a fairly empty parking lot. We scurry to the Portuguese Bakery and Cafe for refuge from the rain and to dry off. We are all soaked. Jeremy doesn't like the weather outside. By the time we are ready to leave the Bakery, the rain has died down somewhat and we start to walk along Commercial Street. It's suppose to be the people watching street. Our plan had been to climb up Pilgrim's tower but that would have been pointless given the weather when we arrived. As time passed, the weather improved so that by the time we had finished lunch at the Lobster Pot, the sun was out. So was the fog and the crowds of people. What a difference. The mood was quiet, almost peaceful and relaxed as we were surrounded in wetness. The streets were quaint and narrow, the town dating back to the 17th century, the shops empty of people but filled with all kinds of things that nobody needs. As we left, it was a different Provincetown, you could feel the energy, a pulse to this little town. Leaving, we could clearly seen the amazing coastal scenery, lush from the environments with sand dunes as a backdrop, was breathtaking. For now, there is a break in the rain, the sun is sneaking away. Ja and Courtney tried to swim in the pool, but it was freezing from all the rain that fell. So, they are sunning on the beach. Funny stuff. She is giddy to be out free and dancing in her swim suit. There is possibility and excitement in her eyes that just maybe will be a hot and sunny day. I hope so.

Day 7. Thurs...

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