Tuesday, August 03, 2010

It's already August

...and it feels like August. Summer is warm and muggy. The kids and I are almost ready to get back into the school routine. Every second day or so, Courtney will now mope around about missing her friends. Fortunately, we went to the library this morning and stocked up on some books. They will hopefully last a day or so, although she reads them non-stop and voraciously. So, 13 books to one kid could be like a prison sentence, to her it' just enough to get cozied up on the couch with a cuddly wrap and get taken away into a story.

I've got some lovely pictures to post up from our mini holiday in Calgary. It was lovely to see old friends and to spend time with them. The kids all get along and other than the summer crankies from too much sun, water, fun and long days. Calgary has changed a bit from the last time I was there. It just feels different. The vibe is off to me. There are new buildings, new structures and old landmarks are gone. I depend on landmarks to get my bearings so to say that I got lost a few times is an understatement. We stayed with some friends in the south of the city, then some others more central and in between that, we hung out in the Rockies in Banff and Canmore the few days leading up and away from Jeremy's birthday. Here are some of Banff, up Sulphur Mountain. It was a perfect day, a bit overcast and cool going up, but clear and sunny at the peak. Almost as soon as we were done lunch, it started to pour rain.

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