Friday, September 03, 2010

Our little bear

Every child has nicknames. They get them when they are born and pick up new ones as they grow and develop. Some seem to be more common than you think like "peanut" and others are more unique.

From the very start Courtney and Jeremy have had mostly different endearments. I know I consciously try to call them different things.

For Courtney there is: peanut, little one, sweetie, cutie, cj, princess, sweet pea, monkey, baby

For Jeremy there is: cashew, jbear, jem, jemmy, little bear, little dinosaur .....hmm I thought there was more for him.

We picked up this costume for him when were were in the states as he is just the right age to start to play pretend and dressup. I hope it will still fit him in a couple of months. Both Ja and I love him in this costume, but it is not his favorite. He's a bit hot in it and like to just roar for a bit in it. Yesterday, I picked up an astronaut costume at Costco and he loves it! Just brought it over to me to wear and yesterday had it on for hours. He's pretty cute in it too. Sorry, no picture of it yet.

No plans for the weekend. Just taking it easy and cleaning house as we have a number of houseguests in the coming months.

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