Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday, we awoke to a loud thump. Ja ran into the room to find Jeremy standing. He was crying and said piteously, "me fall". He was outside of his crib. And, he was still in his sleep sac. Wonders of wonders, how did that happen? Later in the morning, Ja removed the front piece of his crib and turned his crib into a day bed. He's now a big boy! We put a pillow under his crib frame, which turned out to be a good thing as he rolled out a few times last night. I hope he's a quick learner and we can get back to sleeping through the night.

Last week, Courtney lost another tooth. So, that makes 5! She barely has enough teeth to eat. Oh, she also had her annual checkup and she's doing just fine. Still on her curve, 50th percentile for height at 46 inches and 25th percentile for weight. Seems like as long as she stays on her curve there is no concern. So, maybe, just maybe, I can cut her slack on her eating habits. It's hard to change, to probably not.

This week will be busy, with a full set of activities for Courtney and Jeremy. Ja's away in Dallas for a few days, and on Halloween, our friends from France arrive for a quick visit. It might just be the right time to test out my new slow cooker.

With the exception of Courtney, we are all still a bit sick. Fighting something flu-like, cough-like.

Here are some fun snaps of the kids. Those silly glasses of hers finally broke.

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