Thursday, November 04, 2010

No tricks, just treats

So, I am still coughing like a seal. It seems to come and go based on how much sleep I get. Courtney has not caught anything which is quite amazing. I think it is all the garlic rich Boursin cheese that she eats. Jeremy, well. He's sick on and on. He is a trouper and fortunately for him is an expert at blowing his nose. Really. If you heard him blowing without seeing him, you might think he's an adult. That's how good of a blower he is.

Yesterday, we said goodbye to our French friends who came to visit for a few days. It was wonderful to see them and spend some time with them and their kids. Courtney got to miss 2 days of school and even got a late night of watching movies with the babysitter. This morning she was exhausted and I had to wake her for school. Too much fun! and it's not even the weekend.

A quiet birthday for Ja. 38. Wow, we are getting old. The night before we went out to see Wicked and tried out Jamie Kennedy's Gliead Cafe. Food was great, definitely recommend it, and the sold out show was entertaining. Story was good, and songs too. the strength of the show was the 2 main singers and the storyline. It was nice to get out and have a date night with other grownups. It was a fortunate night. Smooth and quick drive into Toronto. Lucky with parking spots. No rain. Everything you could want.

I got some holiday brochures in the mail and it makes me realize that the holiday season is just around the corner. I really want to have the house nice and festive this year. But first, I need to clean house. Anybody have tips on how to do a clean sweep? We keep bringing in the new and hanging on to the hold. I don't know if I'm a romantic, frugal, practical, pack rat or what?

Here are my little harry potter lover, as Hermione, and Jeremy as an astronaut. He didn't really understand halloween and didn't like being out in the dark. During the morning, he was Nemo the clown fish, by night , astronaut. As you can allegiance.

Check out the attitude on Courtney. I hope she keeps her confidence and "fiereceness" for the right times.

Made the spider cupcakes for CJ's school halloween party. From Martha Stewart. Time consuming, but not difficult. She was so disspointed that they weren't a hit at school. I guess maybe all that black and black licorice scared the kids off...and they went for safer looking food. Next year, I'm going to do some witch fingers!

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