Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Long weekends are the best

Hope everyone had a fine Family day long weekend. Over here, we headed up to Collingwood and had a mini-break ski vacation. We stayed at the Seasons at Blue which was outfitted with a small kitchen, fireplace, dvd player and view of the ski hills. We packed up food and drinks and holed up in our little rooms for a couple of days. Since Courtney took up skiing over the holidays, I took it upon myself to get us outdoors a bit more. It was nice to get away, though a bit busy as we ended up buying a house while we were there. On top of work emails, Ja was fielding calls from the realtors, wooing hotel staff to print and fax documents for us. We are still in the throes of house buying but if all goes well, the paperwork will be signed off end of the week and then we just wait until mid, July to take possession. Exciting times, but the move date is so far out it's hard to anticipate. There is still so many "things" that will happen in our lives before we get to July. Still, it is moving to know that there will be change.

In the meantime, we are de-cluttering, downsizing, getting rid of stuff because honestly, we have a lot of stuff and the new place it well...smaller. Big back yard for everyone to play in, so hopefully, we can get rid of a bit of plastic and take in some fresh air when we move too.

Ja got some shots with his phone on skiing, but here are some from the cameras. If you can imagine, I did a bit of skiing. Used muscles that have been dormant for a very long time. Ja did some snowboarding. Jeremy some toboganning and mini-skiing too. And, Courtney, she was the ski bunny. Lessons, lots of skiing. She was exhausted from it all.

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Christy said...

How exciting! Photos of the house when you can send them. I'm glad you got back on the slopes with Courtney. (no thank you!) And congrats on your purchase. :)