Tuesday, August 16, 2011

filling up the backyard

The kids have been playing outside this summer. Our playset finally came. It's huge. Maybe, they won't be in the neighbour's yard so much now. We will have to install some kind of walky talky system so I can hear what is going on down there. It's full size, so if you are full size and feel like playing on it too - come on down...

Getting ready for our trip to Cape Cod. Lots to do before we leave bright and early on Friday. We will do as last year and split the drive going down. Except this time, I am shopping at my first ever LL Bean store, and doing some outlet shopping on the way ( to kill time) before we get our rental. We are by the ocean again, and apparently the blackout curtains will black out the beam that shines from the lighthouse. Better be the case, or we will all be in trouble. We are checking out the lovely spot of Chatham this year....and if we are so daring...will try to get over to Martha's Vineyard.

Still working on moving out of the old house. Will miss my deadline to have the house cleaned out and clean before we leave for our holiday.

And then it will be back to school...it is sneaking up ever so fast.

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