Thursday, August 11, 2011

Moved in

Well...pretty much.

Never mind that we still have a whole floor filled with stuff at my brother in law's garage/loft. And, there are still boxes in the old house and a basement that needs to be packed up. Goodness, do we ever have a lot of stuff.

Still, it's nice to be getting settled. Junk everywhere. And, not have to worry about tidying because someone is coming to view your house. Just your stuff everywhere. Though, after almost 4 months of the house being on the market I kind of got used to a tidy house. It is nice to have things put away, to live with less, and to start and and end the day with tidiness. So, it's funny for me to write that it's a bit stressful having stuff everywhere. Boxes. Stuff. Finding new homes for everyday things, and trying to cull and discard or recycle things that we really don't need. It's hard.

Our new place is coming along. Ja's been hacking away at the trees, cleaning them and pruning - if once can call sawing off branches. The garden is a mess, and after such a long dry spell and heat, it will likely be next year that we make an attempt to landscape.

For now, we are enjoying being close to downtown. The kids playset should hopefully get installed tomorrow, which will keep them busy having fun in our yard and not always the neighbours.

I can't believe summer is almost over. How quickly is has passed, I feel like I missed it a bit with all the house business. Back to school is just around the corner.

Anyways, here are some pics.

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Christy said...

Beautiful house, Jen! We're still trying to find places for stuff here-- I hear you! I've two out of 3 floors done. The basement? Yikes!