Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It's early morning and I've just received some groceries through Grocery Gateway. Do you see the vans driving around your neighbourhood? Well, after running out of lunch things for Courtney and not being able to go out in the afternoon, I pulled the trigger and ordered for a 6 to 7:30 AM window. Yep. That's pretty early for me. Now, I am sitting in the morning darkness, listening to the rain outside and enjoying a bit of silence.

Seems like the weather may finally have figured out that it's near winter and with less than 30 days to Christmas. We've had some flurrries here a few times, some cold gusts of wind, a bit of rain, but otherwise it has been mild, warm even. Time enough to rake up leaves, get x-mas lights up ( paid someone - ha), and move summery type stuff into storage. I've not started to decorate the house yet, the pile of boxes stacked in the basement. I'm looking forward to December and am hoping that it will snow...a bit, just a bit so that I won't have to shovel.

We feel settled in this old house. Still getting used to it's quirks. Still unpacking and decluttering and finding a home for all of our things. The kids are enjoying school. Grade 3 and pre-school. In a couple of years, it will just be me and cat at home. Likely by then, she will no longer be so crazy and will be a normal cat and hide somewhere warm and dark and sleep the day away.

Here are some pics from a the Santa Claus parade a few weeks ago.

Look how big they are getting!

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